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Eric helped me to settle my divorce 3 years ago, he made sure the process was easy, fair, and with great negotiation skills that you want him on your side.

Recently, I was hesitating on contacting him again for another issue, hoping he didn't remember me but he did, because I was a little embarrassed, but I knew his work ethic. This time around, with child support that is very complex with a very stubborn father. Eric was very approachable and never judge a single thing about my situation.

He understood my financial situation during this Covid19 pandemic. I will highly recommend his service if you want to take a huge weight out of your shoulders as he did 3 years ago with my divorce, and now with a complex child support nightmare.

- Melina Pereyra

Nothing but great things to say about this firm. From the first time I met Mr. Eric, I could tell that he was fair and straightforward. He handled my case very professionally and in a timely manner. It was very clear from the start that he was on my side. I sincerely appreciate Mr. Eric. The exceptional sensitivity applied to my case and highly recommend this firm if one finds themselves in the unfortunate circumstances of divorce.

- Syed Mairaj

Eric was a pleasure to work with. He was very patient, helpful, and kept things moving quickly. So glad I found him. Thank you Eric for getting me on a path to happiness!

- Crystal Epstein

I used Eric Shapiro for my divorce and he did a great job. He helped make it go as quick and painless as possible. He listened to what my needs were, counseled me on the things I needed to be thinking about, and at the end of the day made sure that all the boxes were checked, so I would have peace of mind that everything would flow the way it needed to. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you are getting divorced, I would highly recommend using Eric.

- Russell Derman

Mr. Shapiro acted quickly with my after divorce details. He got me more money from my ex-husband, which I did not expect. He looked out for what was best for me. You’re in good hands with Shapiro Law Firm. Responds FAST!

- Kim Smith

Eric got me full custody of my kids, spousal support that gave me a chance to get on my feet, and held my ex's attorney accountable for keeping the division of our stuff fair. He was honest and professional. He worked with me to make the payments doable because he understands that attorney's fees are a "necessary evil." He helped me keep my focus on my kids and was compassionate when I needed compassion and firm when I needed someone to keep me focused on the important stuff. I had his cell phone and he returned calls at all times of day and night, weekends, etc.... I have sent a couple of friends to him since and they both had similar experiences. Eric is a wonderful attorney.

- Layna Barrie

I have had a very good experience working with Eric. My case was presented professionally and he presented the case clearly and I won!

I would recommend him for any child support cases.

- Steve Scott

Great service and value. Mr. Shapiro is professional and is great at responding whether text, email, or phone. I would do business again with Mr. Shapiro.

- Soul Brova

I had waited almost two years and a lawyer for my case to finalize. Once Eric took over within months it was finalized. I would recommend him to get the job done and quickly.

- Larry Cockerham

After meeting with Eric Shapiro about my divorce I felt very comfortable letting him handle my case. He did a great job, anytime I called he answer the phone or call me back right away, and guide me through the whole process.


- D T

WONDERFUL! Eric was a pleasure to work with during my child custody and support cases. He is incredibly professional and knowledgeable in and out of the courtroom. He made a very uncomfortable and difficult situation much more tolerable. I highly recommend him

- Lance Holton

I gave Shapiro law Group five stars because Eric Shapiro give all the details of what's going on in my case.

- John A. James

My Shapiro was on top of my case and defended me at every possible angle. I was happy to have Eric represent me. I strongly recommend him for your upcoming case.

- Farzad Syrus

Eric is a fantastic attorney. He has helped me get through contempt hearings and a child support modification with great results. He's fair and will not run up the bill. I trust him completely.

- Laurie Goins

Eric was a true professional. The advocacy he shows for his clients goes above and beyond what the average attorney will do for you. I was thoroughly impressed by his attention to detail and knowledge of case law. He used this several times in arguing my case and ultimately gave us the upper hand. He will be my attorney of choice for all referrals as well as future family litigation that may be necessary.

- Lauren Liggett

They're often two responsible parties in a custody case, the Plaintiff and the Defendant. Your attorney should be a compliment to your case, not your whole case;

Eric Shapiro is not only a compliment, his professionalism and knowledge of Supreme Court law supersedes all the local talent.

Five 5 experience

- Janine Hart

Great attorney! He handled my divorce and made the process extremely easy.

- Ralphette English