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Work with an experienced divorce attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Even an amicable divorce has its share of legal challenges. Family disputes over child custody, property division or spousal support can feel overwhelming. Don't count on anyone but an experienced family attorney to speak up for you in the courtroom. Shapiro Law Group provides steadfast legal counsel to residents in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. Mr. Shapiro has been doing so as a divorce attorney for nearly two decades.

You deserve a say in what happens to your child or property after you separate from your spouse. Turn to Shapiro Law Group first when you need a divorce attorney. Call 770-604-9292 today to schedule a free consultation.

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We represent clients dealing with disputes between family members, business partners, employers, at-fault drivers and property owners. You can feel confident relying on Shapiro Law Group because:

  • We offer free phone consultations. Call 770-604-9292 now to discuss the details of your divorce case with a family attorney in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • We maintain professional relationships with judges and court officials. We can use our familiarity with the court's key players to your advantage.
  • We'll guide you through the legal proceedings. You can trust Mr. Shapiro's insight in all matters of business litigation, as well as family and personal injury law.