Reasons for a Prenuptial Agreement
A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that provides for legal protection of specified assets from property division laws in the event of a divorce. A prenuptial agreement must be signed by both parties with full understanding of each other’s financial position. There is no standard prenuptial agreement and, if written incorrectly, can be defeated in court.

Structuring a Prenuptial Agreement
If you are considering the need for a prenuptial agreement we strongly advise you to have this prepared as early as possible for several reasons; Identifying conflicts that could prevent the wedding, avoiding the appearance of signature under duress makes the agreement more credible, and It allows your attorney more time to plan the terms of the prenup.

Prenuptial Agreement Legal Protection
A well written prenuptial agreement affords complete and total protection of any assets specified within the signed agreement. A poorly written prenuptial agreement can be shredded by a high caliber divorce attorney. The difference between a well written prenuptial agreement and a poorly written prenuptial agreement depends upon the skill of your attorney.

Fighting a Prenuptial Agreement
As a prenuptial agreement attorney we know how to find flaws in a prenuptial agreement. Sometimes a person enters into a prenuptial without adequate legal representation, is tricked into misunderstandings or pushed to sign something that they did not understand. We are available to represent you in any fight over the validity of a prenuptial agreement in Georgia.