Domestic Partnerships in Georgia
The State of Georgia does not permit or give legal recognition to marriage between partners of the same sex. In Georgia this applies to to even marriages between partners of the same sex that may have been married in another state or country that allows same sex marriages. This does not preclude people in a domestic partnership from certain legal rights.

Definition of a Domestic Partnership
A domestic partnership is a relationship entered into with mutual understanding, consent and affection by two persons of the same sex. In Georgia, , there is no legal recognition of same sex marriage. A notable exception is that the city of Atlanta extends employer provided benefits to domestic partners, and provides a domestic partner registry.

Creating a Domestic Partnership
In as much as the state of Georgia does not recognize same sex marriages it takes a different approach to create a domestic partnership arrangement that will be legally recognized in Georgia. Effectively this means developing a formal legal document similar to a prenuptial agreement. This agreement can address power of attorney, property ownership and more.

Dissolution of a Domestic Partnership
With our domestic partnership agreements the dissolution of a domestic partnership has defined legal obligations and responsibilities. Our approach to handling domestic partnerships in Georgia is a proven way for same sex partners to have legal protection towards mutual ownership of property, health care decisions, same sex adoptions and more.