“You must be a father’s rights attorney?”

You must be a Father’s Rights Attorney,” a particularly nasty attorney said to me in mediation a couple of weeks ago. She said it within the context of her belief that I was being unreasonable in a negotiation. Now, I’ve never been accused of that before. I’m not actually sure

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“We stayed together for the children”

It may seem like one of the most cliched reasons for two people, who honestly cannot stand each other, to have stayed together in married misery.  However, in the many years of my Georgia Divorce practice, I have run into this unhealthy mindset more times than I care to think

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Property Division in Georgia

“Georgia is an ‘equitable distribution’ state for purposes of splitting up marital assets.” These words flow out of my mouth several times a week when speaking with new divorce clients. Invariably I get a somewhat quizzical look from the person sitting on the other side of my desk. Basically, I

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Georgia Child Support Enforcement- When the Money Dries Up

A few days ago the New York Times published yet another article addressing the dramatic rise in Child Support Enforcement/Modification cases that are beginning to inundate the Countries civil courtrooms. Georgia’s unemployment rate now rests at 9.3% and is predicted to rise above 10% before the end of the year

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