Adoptions in Georgia
Adoption of a child is noble, rewarding and deeply emotionally satisfying. Unfortunately for adopting parents the process can be very confusing, complex and frustrating. As your adoption attorney we can guide you through the qualification process, help you with paperwork and forms, counsel you on mitigating risks and more.

Foster Care
Foster care is an option to divorce that allows you to have the rewarding experience of guiding a young sole and giving them a family experience that they would otherwise never know. Foster parenting is a wonderful thing to do, however there are certain legal issues to resolve in order to clear the hurdles and become a foster parent.

Foreign Adoptions
Foreign adoptions have become very popular. Foreign adoptions add many complications and risks to an already challenging process. From language issues and travel clearances, to uncertainty over the health of the child or costs to adopt, you will need an experienced adoption attorney. We can facilitate a foreign adoption process and mitigate the chances for deception or fraud. Let us help you with your foreign child adoption.

Adoption Records and Privacy Matters
We are here to help adopted persons to open the documents that hold the secrets to their ancestry. Adopted persons over the age of 21 may be able to obtain birth parent information and other interesting data through the Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry. While identifying information requires mutual consent, we can help to unlock many secrets pertaining to a persons adoption.